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Cedric ceballos dunk contest

cedric ceballos dunk contest

We're supposed to believe Ceballos began his run at exactly the bing drink coupon code right angle, took the exact amount of steps he had to take, changed directions AT THE free throw line at precisely the right moment and right angle, jumped at exactly the right moment, jumped.
On the sideline, Davis asked "was that, like.
To this day, Ceballos insists that he couldn't see through the blindfold.
But while it's certainly possible that Ceballos couldn't see, it's much more plausible that he was using a thin blindfold that was a little bit transparent.But I guess we'll never know.It was one of the most incredible acts of showmanship the contest has stroller giveaway 2017 ever seen.He explained that teammate David Wesley was supposed to stop him if the dunk was clearly going to miss, but somehow he never got the message.Davis had already used his "replacement dunk" for the competition, so this was.Maybe the fact that these dudes failed massively despite starting much closer than Ceballos and receiving directional assistance from teammates proves that there's no freakin' way Ceballos could possibly have done what he did without being french connection promo code july 2015 able to see the rim.And it's ended poorly.Perhaps most damning is that Ceballos himself gave Budinger the blindfold he used.
It's a case of a person with perfectly good vision telling everybody that he's blind and that being blind is great and they should try it themselves.
Maybe the difference between these players and Ceballos was lack of practice.
It's not a case of the blind leading the execute a dunk, you have to do so much more.Melton, a 5'9 point guard called "The Flying Minion posted perfect 40's on all three of his dunks in the 2014 contest, earning a co-championship.When the cameras zoomed in on Baron, it sure looked like Davis had cut holes into the headband so he could see through: But if his intention had been to see through, clearly it did not work.They've attempted to dunk while wearing things over their eyes that actually blocked their vision.If Ceballos truly couldn't see through his blindfold, this would be one of the most incredible dunks of all time.Their plant step might be too close or too far from the rim, and might not even be in the right direction.Ceballos certainly does tilt his head back as he approaches the rim, in the way one would if they were looking at the basket.